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ZebraGirls E21 Stace Lane And Sin Sage


No. This won’t do. I have to have you on the couch.”

       Still embracing, they moved to the sofa. Grace was wearing only her sweater with her panties and pumps. She looked wantonly erotic in that moment and it was not lost on Chiara.

       Chiara sat down on the sofa and had Grace stand in front of her. She removed the obstructing panties and told Grace to sit on her lap…facing her with legs open. Grace did so, wearing only her pumps while Chiara was still fully dressed. Chiara spread open Grace’s cunt with her long fingers.

       “So wet,” Chiara murmured softly as she began to finger her. There was a feeling of sin, delight, passion, heart-pounding need between them as she pushed her strong fingers in and out of the younger woman’s cunt. Grace’s sex gave off a lovely slapping sound. Her wetness overwhelmed Chiara.

       Grace moved up and down slowly at first, and then her motion became more heated. Their kisses became more devouring with wet tongues and saliva and passion being passed with their lips. Chiara felt Grace’s sex clenching on her fingers and releasing, clenching and releasing. Grace came so wildly that Chiara had to cover her mouth to keep others from hearing her scream.
A Verdict For Love by Monica Conti.