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ZebraGirls E21 Stace Lane And Sin Sage


The smell of sex was present in the air. It smelled of the sea. It smelled of deep yearning. It smelled of womanhood. Grace was shaking all over with lust as Chiara began kissing her deeply, moving her tongue in her mouth slowly and softly, building in intensity but steadily and with patience.

       Grace began moaning and it was clear that she wanted more. Wanted the touch to become bolder. Wanted to be fucked. She wanted to fall on her knees and be taken. And when Chiara began kissing her with greater violence she returned the kiss with equal vigor. Their tongues traded mouths as they played an erotic game with no rules. The desire became palpable.

       Grace grabbed Chiara’s hand and begged, “Please, Chiara. I want you to touch my sex.” Chiara said softly, “Say it again…I want you to touch my sex…I want to hear it again.” Grace said it urgently. “Please. Chiara. Please. I want you to touch my sex. I need it now.”

       Chiara broke at that point. She could no longer endure it. She ran her hands down and unzipped Grace’s skirt. It fell to the floor with a whisper. She kissed her wildly and then pushed Grace against the door and stared at her.
A Verdict For Love by Monica Conti.