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ZebraGirls E21 Stace Lane And Sin Sage


My secret female lovers were also very sweet and loving; it wasn’t about them either, whatever the problem was it was about me.

       For two years I stumbled about in the frustrating darkness of my ignorance while making the most of my bisexual lifestyle, and then out of the blue it all became clear. The trigger of course was a tall sexy stranger with whom I shared an elevator ride.

       She was a strikingly pretty and self confident woman, about 5’10” tall and appeared to be in her late twenties. Her shoulder-length light brown hair and a perfect, womanly figure portrayed her as an irresistible temptress; given the scantiness of her obvious designer outfit I could not but ogle her nicely rounded hips, flat stomach, and ample breasts.

       “Seen anything you like?” Her sexy taunting voice snapped me out of my day dream; my cheeks turned red with embarrassment at being caught ogling her gorgeous body. “Um... I ah... didn’t mean to stare.” I fumbled for an acceptable explanation.

       “I asked you a question! Now will you answer it or do I have to make you!” she said quite sternly. The severity of her tone seemed to bypass all the usual channels and reach somewhere so deep in my consciousness that I never realized existed.
Submissive Neighborly Lust by Don Abdul.