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ZebraGirls E21 Stace Lane And Sin Sage


Please do it,” Donna begged. She was pushing her hips up to try to rub her clitoris harder against the rough edge of the nozzle. Pam acted with deliberate slowness to antagonize Donna and tease her further. Her hand closed around the outside rim of the shower head, which turned to select shower settings. Donna’s body tensed. Her mouth hung open. She was watching Pam’s hands very carefully. Pam twisted the selector. Donna squirmed and screamed out loud as jets of hot water pulsed directly into her cunt again and again like it was the penis of the most virile man in the world shooting his endless streams of come into her.

“Oh God oh God,” Donna was moaning. The water was gushing out of her hole as fast as it was gushing in. Her legs flexed and her body jerked and shook with every pulse of hot water.

Pam enjoyed making her friend come. Donna was a beautiful woman and Pam secretly admired her body. It had been a long desire of hers to touch Donna and to feel Donna’s hands touching her. She knew Donna was proud of her own trim, fit figure, but she had seen her catching a glimpse of Pam’s body when she could.
The Hazing by Jack Allen.