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ZebraGirls E21 Stace Lane And Sin Sage


“I’ve wanted to touch you for a long time,” Pam whispered. She kissed the back of her neck. Her hands caressed the tight, white globes of Donna’s ass.

       “You’re weird,” Donna giggled. “I knew we were going to have a strange friendship when I met you.” She turned around and faced Pam. She touched Pam’s tits, lightly caressing the skin with her fingertips. “I never ate another girl’s pussy before.”

       “Then we should get started,” Pam said.

       They rushed down the hall to Donna’s room giggling like a pair of school girls who had peeked in on a group of naked boys. Pam yanked the towel off her head, shook our her wet hair and dove onto the bed. Donna tossed her towel on a chair and combed her hair back on her head. She could see Pam in the dresser mirror on her back on the bed with her legs spread and her hands over her pussy. Donna went to the bed and climbed on top of her. Her beautiful breasts swayed seductively side to side. Pam’s breasts rested on her chest like a pair of swollen water balloons. Her nipples were erect points at their tips.

       Donna let her body settle gently onto Pam’s body. Pam’s legs closed around her just as they would if they had closed around her brother. Donna’s nipples touched Pam’s nipples and her breasts flattened on Pam’s. Donna lowered her head and kissed Pam on her lips in such a gentle way that only a woman could deliver. Their lips parted and their tongues discovered each other. The excitement shot through Pam’s body like a jolt of electricity. She stroked her hands down Donna’s narrow waist and around to her tight ass. Their tongues twirled madly around each other. Pam was so turned on she was squirming under Donna’s light weight. It felt good to have her warm body on top of her, although she was nowhere near as heavy as a big guy like she was used to.
The Hazing by Jack Allen.