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She settled her weight on his lap with a sigh. His cock was hot and felt good inside her. She rocked her hips. It rubbed that spot inside that felt so good. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine that it was Joey Molino between her legs and not Mr. Smith.

       Joey would look up at her with his beautiful blue eyes, and his hands would be on her boobs, squeezing in that way he had that was so gentle and tender. And his cock would feel wonderful inside her, pushing deep and stretching her. It would be especially nice since she was going to be his first time.

       She opened her eyes. But it wasn’t Joey. It was Mr. Smith. And this wasn’t a beautiful, tender first time fuck with the guy she had adored for so long. This was a desperation fuck to keep her grades up.

       She rocked up and down on his stiff cock. She bit her lower lip. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Mr. Smith. Doing it with him felt great. He just wasn’t Joey Molino.

       Mr. Smith moved his hands down the gentle curves of her sides to her hips and pulled her down hard.

       “Oh yes,” Pam said with a weak groan, and bent forward to touch her forehead to his shoulder.

       One of his hands moved down over her ass. His fingers touched her asshole. She kept rocking her hips up and down. Did he want to fuck her there, too? If that was what it was going to take to fix her grade, she’d let him fuck her anywhere he wanted.
Two Thirds Virgin Part 1 by Jack Allen.