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LezCuties – Inna And Abbie

Pam rolled her over to the middle of the bed so that she was on top. Their tits shook and rubbed against each other sensuously. She propped herself up on her arms and gazed down at Donna. Her long hair hung over her face, nearly touching Donna’s cheeks. In one quick move, Pam spun herself around, spread her legs over Donna’s head and lowered her head between Donna’s thighs. She stuck out her tongue, licked right between the wet lips and Donna gasped. She plunged her tongue deeper and Donna arched her back, raising Pam high off the bed.

       Donna grabbed Pam’s ass and tentatively licked her pussy. It was not a completely unfamiliar sensation. It tasted similar to her own pussy when she used to finger herself off and taste the juices. She got more daring and licked around the lips of Pam’s pussy. This was nothing like licking a guy’s cock. The pussy lips were so soft and wet and vulnerable. They felt different to her tongue than they did to her fingers. She wondered how they could stand up to the treatment some guys gave them with their cocks.

       Pam reveled in the soft feel of Donna’s tongue. She was starting slowly but was quickly exploring more. It took only a moment more before they were rolling on the bed and writhing on top of each other like wrestlers vying for the championship. They would moan and gasp and lick and rub various parts of their bodies together then kiss and moan again.
The Hazing by Jack Allen.