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LezCuties – Inna And Abbie

Having Donna so close to her when they were both naked and she was touching herself in such a sensuous way was very exciting. Her nipples tingled as she scrubbed them in her slippery, soapy hands. She noticed she was beginning to breathe hard and her chest was expanding out like she was trying to show it off.

       Donna raised the shower head and began to wash the soap from Pam’s front. The pulsing sensation of the warm water on her sensitive nipples made her suck in her breath. She gripped the sides of the tub tightly in her hands. The water felt great. Pam arched her back to bring her tits up closer to the water. The spray landed on her cheeks. The rest of the water rushed down over her front, through the trough made by her cleavage, over her thighs, through her pussy hair and lightly tickled the lips of her pussy.

       She opened her eyes and looked at Donna. Donna seemed to be totally focused on her job of rinsing Pam’s breasts.
The Hazing by Jack Allen.