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LezCuties – Inna And Abbie

She heard Suze in the bathroom, heard the shower running. A few minutes after the water stopped, the bathroom door opened.

       Suze swung in the doorframe, holding on with one hand, one pretty foot crossed behind the other. Her tan lushness was artfully draped in a white towel, her smile wide and totally innocent.

       “I’d ask you in,” Aude said, “but I might hurt you.”

       She made a face, “C’mon, Aude. Let’s be friends.”

       “You can’t trust me. The towel is a nice touch but I’m not just queer for towels…I’m queer period.”

       “I could take the towel off and be less confusing.”


       “You know I’ve been having dreams ever since you got here. L-e-s-b-i-a-n dreams…” She drew the word across her lips like a slow, long lick on a lollipop, “and when I wake up I’m all moist, Aude.”

       Years back…way before Val. There would have been none of this. Aude would not have needed the big pull. Hell, the sight of Suze, nude by the pool would have been enough. She would have dragged the girl off to bed and licked the nipples right off of her pert little tits…sucked the soul up out of her love button and made her moan for more. Hot numbers like Suze had inspired plenty of those wild moments. Exciting at the time…but there had been no real meaning until Val. Their lovemaking had been more…it had passion and devotion. Having it be meaningful had quickly become habit forming.

       “That’s enough kidding around, Suze,” she said gruffly.

       Suze widened her eyes. “Holy crap! I think the big, bad ex-cop dyke is afraid of little old me.”
Twice in a Blue Moon by Arika Lee.