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LezCuties – Inna And Abbie

That was unbelievable,” Pam sighed, then she sat up. “Get in here. I want to do it to you now,” Pam said. She grabbed the shower nozzle and moved back to make room for Donna in the tub.

       Donna suddenly looked surprised and a little apprehensive about the idea of Pam doing something to her that might be an act to get even. Even so, she knew she had to do it. Hesitantly Donna stood up, shed her panties, climbed into the tub and knelt down facing Pam. The prospect of Pam doing something lascivious to her with the shower massager had her trembling with excitement.

       “Spread them,” Pam said in a strong, commanding tone. Her face was down and her eyes were turned up to Donna. She was holding one end of the shower head with the other end in her other palm like she was a cop holding a billy club. A broad grin slowly grew across her face. Donna sat back against the wall of the tub and raised her knees. Slowly, with her eyes locked into Pam’s eyes, she spread her knees and exposed her pussy.

       Pam stared at Donna’s pussy. Her body was very sensuous. Her flat, hard stomach led down to the graceful curve of her mound, which was lightly covered with wisps of black, shiny hair. Her pussy lips were moist and spread, as if waiting for Pam to do something to them.
The Hazing by Jack Allen.