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LezCuties – Inna And Abbie

Pam caressed the insides of Donna’s trembling thighs. Donna’s eyes flickered open slightly so she could see what Pam was doing. She was grunting and panting hard and moaning. Her lips were parted and her jaw worked like a piston. Pam’s free hand came up and squeezed Donna’s tit. A spasm from the jets of warm water massaging her clitoris made her back arch out with a deep, low moan. Pam vigorously rubbed Donna’s nipple and was surprised to see how much she reacted. It must have been incredibly sensitive.

Donna screamed. Pam was excited to watch her coming. She was very exuberant when she orgasmed. She thrust her body up again and again and screamed loud enough to let the neighbors know she was getting something good, which she did frequently when she had a man in her room.

“Oh God ... oh fuck ... oh fuck,” she shouted over and over, almost directly in Pam’s ear. Her hips rose and fell and her bare ass slapped against the wet surface of the bottom of the tub.

Donna’s body released two more long, hard thrusts followed by high pitched squeals and her orgasm was over. Pam twisted the selector on the shower head and returned the water to a slow trickle. She sat back against the other end of the tub and spread her knees.

“Oh man,” Donna gasped. Her chest heaved with each heavy breath. Her hand glided over her slick, flat belly down to the wet hair of her bush and she began to finger her pussy. “I need a hard man,” Donna said.

Pam rubbed the smooth, plastic handle of the hand held shower head against the slit of her pussy like it was a vibrator.

“Me too,” Pam said with a sigh. Both of their pussies made soft squishing sounds.

“Let’s go to my room,” Donna said. Her expression was hopeful and eager at the same time.

Pam stopped and looked up at her. Her nipples stiffened at just the thought of getting into bed with Donna.

“Ok,” Pam smiled.
The Hazing by Jack Allen.