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HardcoreYouth – Amber


I bet that feels really good, doesn’t it, Randy?” she said.

       She was rocking herself slowly up and down on my cock. I groaned.

       “Oh my God. You have no idea,” I said.

       She smiled a little bigger. She opened her eyes and looked down at me.

       “Randy, give me your hands,” Carla said.

       I held up my hands. What in the world did she want with my hands?

       She took them in her hands and put them on her boobs. I froze. My whole body tensed.

       “What’s matter, Randy? You’ve touched boobs before, haven’t you?” Carla said.

       I shook my head. My hands were just resting on her boobs, and my palms were sweating. Since the first day I saw Carla, I wanted to feel her boobs. Now that I had my hands on them, I was too shocked to move.
One Act Play Part 1 by Jack Allen.