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ALSScan – Maddy OReilly Masturbation

He undid her buttons and caressed her naked breasts. He then moved his hands under her short skirt, up her thigh and around her curvy ass.

       Her moans grew louder, as she kissed him even more passionately. Then, as he massaged her ass, he let his hand wander back across the front of her thigh, falling in between her beautiful legs. She parted them and scooted forward a little to give him easy access to her promised land.

       Jeff’s heart pounded furiously in his chest, as his hand sailed along her silken thighs up to her panties. He deftly stroked her velvet pussy through the sheer fabric which was absolutely soaked.

       Shifting the crotch of her panties aside Jeff slipped his finger into her sopping wet cunt, and he almost fainted when he felt her hot wet snatch clenching and squeezing his finger as she bit down on his tongue whilst her body shivered against him.

       “Oh My God!” He groaned; his pent up sexual frustration was reaching a breaking point. He was so horny for her that he wanted to throw her to the floor right there and then and fuck her with the frenzied energy of his lust possessed mind. Alas something deep within him counseled patience.
Reeled In by Don Abdul.