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18VirginSex – Tina

She kicked off her shoes and pulled her feet out of her jeans. With her back to Mr. Smith, she bent at the waist and pushed her panties all the way down her legs. She turned to face him and rubbed her middle finger over her warm slit between her legs.

       “I’m really wet down here,” she said.

       Mr. Smith was watching her hand with wide eyes, and licked his lips. Pam held her breath. This part was going to be easy. But was it going to work?

       She climbed on his lap, straddling his legs with her knees on the cushions of the old sofa.

       She looked down at him. Her boobs were even with his face, and he was staring at them. They stretched the front of Dad’s old golf shirt. She pulled up the shirt and opened her bra. The ends of her long, blonde hair brushed her nipples. Mr. Smith reached up with both hands and squeezed them hard. She winced. He leaned forward and clenched her nipple between his teeth. She winced again.

       His hard cock was poking her in the ass. She reached between her legs to line it up with her pussy, and lowered herself on it.

       “Oh fuck. You are wet,” he said.
Two Thirds Virgin Part 1 by Jack Allen.