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18VirginSex – Tina

Hi, Eric,” Pam smiled as he crammed food into his face.

       “Pam,” he nodded, and walked to the table. Pam sat in the chair next to his, facing him, and watched him eat.

       “What do you see in my Mom?”

       “She’s a very beautiful woman. Why?”

       “Do you love her?”

       “Of course.”

       “Do you like fucking her?”

       He suddenly stopped eating and stared at her with a blank face, but only for a moment.

       “Absolutely,” he smiled. “I like fucking beautiful women.”

       “Like me?”

       Pam noticed a slight twitch in his trousers. She parted her thighs, letting him see up her skirt to her panties. Her crotch was wet. She breathed in deep and strained her breasts against her blouse.