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18VirginSex – Tina

You have the most beautiful cock, Mr. Morgan,” she said.

       Her mouth opened wide and closed over the end of it. He groaned. This was a really bad idea. He looked to his right. The blinds over the large, panoramic front windows were open. That was a bad idea, too. Anyone who walked by could see that he was getting his cock sucked.

       He looked down at her sweet, blissful face. Her head was moving back and forth and her lips were stretched around his shaft. He didn’t have the heart to make her stop for something as important as that.

       She had no problem with his size, as if she’d done this a hundred times with a hundred different guys. For all he knew, she could have blown twice that many guys.

       He let her continue for a few minutes before he pulled her up to her feet.

       “I gotta get you home now. Your Mom’s gonna kill me for this,” he said.

       Rachel flopped on the sofa and spread her legs.

       “Do you wanna do me now?” she said.
The Third Pact Part 1 by Jack Allen.