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18VirginSex – Tina

He was standing in front of her with his cock hanging out and her legs were spread and she stuck her hand down the front of her jeans. He was frozen to that spot, staring at her crotch. How easy would it be to fuck her right there? He never got a better invitation.

       “You never had your pussy licked?” he said.

       She shook her head. He swallowed hard. How harmless could it be? It wasn’t like he was going to get her pregnant.

       He knelt between her legs. His cock swung in front of him like the trunk of an elephant.

      She was watching him with an anxious, nervous smile. Her belt and zipper were still unfastened. He grabbed her jeans by the waist. She lifted her ass off the sofa. It was a tight fit, and he tugged one side then the other to get them past her hips. He pulled them all the way down to her ankles and pulled her feet out.

       Her panties were little more than a thin, flimsy strip of fabric that barely covered her crotch. These were the panties of an experienced woman who knew what her overt sexuality could do to a man whose passions had been driven dangerously high, not of an inexperienced girl who knew nothing of the danger she put herself in by tempting the desires of a man whose strong passions were in a desperate need of release. With a gentle tug, they slipped off her hips and down her legs. He held them between his thumbs and index fingers, like a delicate piece of tissue.

       She squeezed her legs together, as if she was trying to conceal her most private place now that the last bit of protection had been removed. Her eyes were wide and her chest rose and fell. He suppressed a grin. For all her teasing and flirting, the reality of sex made her frightened.
The Third Pact Part 1 by Jack Allen.