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18OnlyGirls – Jasmin Glamour Penetration

You’re too young to know the stuff you know. You should still be playing with dolls and stuff,” he said.

       His cock brushed the inside of her soft thigh and throbbed. He couldn’t remember when it had been so hard, or looked so big, and it had been that way for a few hours.

       Rachel giggled.

       “I never played with dolls, Mr. Morgan. I always liked to play with boys.”

       He slid his hands up her thighs to her waist. Her nipples were hard points under her shirt, begging to be touched.

       “Yeah, that was my problem, too. I liked to play with girls more than I played with boys,” he said.

       She reached down between her legs and closed her hand around his cock.

       “I bet there were plenty of girls who liked to play with you,” she said.
The Third Pact Part 1 by Jack Allen.