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18OnlyGirls – Jasmin Glamour Penetration

She touched the tip of his cock to her warm slit. This was wrong and it should not be happening. But he didn’t have the will to make her stop. His thumbs pushed under the bottom edge of her shirt and pushed it up over her breasts. He prayed silently to God to forgive him. There was no going back now.

       He bent forward and licked one of her nipples. Rachel’s giggles stopped. The room became very quiet, and the soft smack of his lips on her nipple became very loud. He leaned forward and the shaft of his cock pressed into her moist crotch. She sucked in a sharp breath and pushed against his chest with both hands.

       “Mr. Morgan? What are you doing?” she said in a soft, girlish voice.

       “I don’t think I can stand it any longer,” he said.

       His voice was harsh and forced.

       “Can’t ... Can’t stand what?”

       He lifted his head. His saliva left a wet ring around her nipple. He rocked his hips and slid his hard shaft along her wet groove. She bit her lower lip and groaned.

       “I’ve tried very hard. I swear to you I have. Every time you flirted with me or came on to me the last year or so I tried very hard to ignore you. But you’ve made it so difficult. I’ve known you since you and Angela were little girls. But you’re not a little girl anymore, are you?” he said.

       Rachel shook her head. He pressed his hips forward, rubbing his shaft harder along her moist slit. She groaned again and bit her lower lip, and her forehead wrinkled like she was fearing for her life.

       “What are you gonna do?”

       “I’m gonna give you what you’ve been asking for.”

       “Oh God,” she said with a whimper.
The Third Pact Part 1 by Jack Allen.